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TriplePoint has been in business since 1990. There are four principal software/firmware engineers at TriplePoint, all shareholders in the corporation. We are dedicated to a policy of commitment to our clients that leads to long term relationships.

We have developed network drivers for Ethernet, WiFi, 802.11, Token Ring, FDDI, Wireless, ISDN (PRI/BRI), ATM, Fibre Channel, SMDS, X.25, and Frame Relay. Our drivers support adapters on PCI/PCIe, ISA, PCMCIA, EISA, MCA, VL bus, serial port, and parallel port interfaces. In addition to network drivers, we have implemented numerous other device drivers including custom drivers, DMA drivers and mass-storage device drivers. In addition to our extensive Windows WDF and DLL experience; we have developed a number of drivers for many Linux distributions. We also have extensive experience with embedded systems development on a wide variety of processors and operating systems, including Linux, VxWorks and Windows.


Our engineers have worked on a vast array of products. Click on a name below to find out about their experience and expertise.

Tim Gardner

Brian Colony

Dean Gehnert

Tom Salata


TriplePoint Incorporated
1865 NW 169th Place, Suite 203
Beaverton, OR 97006-7310

Phone: 503.601.0234
E-mail: postmaster@triplepoint.com

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