Tom Salata - Principal Engineer

I graduated from Oregon State University in June of 2017 with a B.S. in Computer Science and from Portland State University in March of 2019 with a M.S. in Computer Science with a focus on databases while first working as an intern with TriplePoint. I have gained experience ranging from web servers hosted locally and in the cloud, to embedded Linux systems and driver development for an FPGA. I've also worked extensively with the Syslinux and Grub2 bootloaders on x86 systems to enable booting an embedded Linux distribution from USB, DVD, and PXE.

Languages C, C++, Python, PHP, JavaScript, Perl, SQL (MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL)
Processors x86, ARM, ARM64, MIPS
Operating Systems Linux; Windows
Protocols Modbus
Programming API's POSIX; Win32

Project History
Apr 2022 Embedded Hardware Enablement Support
HWE support for large Linux distribution on NXP's i.MX6, i.MX7, and i.MX8 series processors.
Dec 2021 TriplePoint Embedded Linux Distribution on Google Cloud
Enabled automatic creation of raw and virtual disks that can boot and run a web server in a cloud environment. This was used to migrate an existing web service that was running with an end of life Debian release. Numerous additional software packages were added to the distribution including crypto, regex, and image libraries. The existing MySQL database was migrated to MariaDB and the backend database interface was resdesigned to use PHP PDO.
Apr 2021 Linux and Windows Driver Development
Developed and supported Linux and Windows device drivers, shared library, and multi-threaded test application for the Intel/Altera Stratix 10 FPGA.
Feb 2021 TriplePoint Embedded Linux Distribution Build Environment
Added support for building the distribution within a Docker container to ensure consistent cross-platform builds on any system.
Feb 2020 Embedded Software Development for Microchip PIC32MX
Assisted in development of embedded firmware, including re-architecture of basic OS functionality (scheduler, serial-to-USB debugging capability, etc.) and various other components. Trained clients on use of Git and established proper software development life cycle practices. Bitbucket and Jira were the primary tools used to assist with development, allowing the client to restore project timeline as well as maintain greater awareness of code and testing status. Used Modbus protocol on an RS-485 interface to establish communication with numerous external devices.
Dec 2019 Licensing Server for Embedded Linux Devices
Developed GPG based license system using TriplePoint Embedded Linux distribution. Licensing data is stored in a PostgreSQL database and is accessible directly by customers on a webpage, via embedded Linux devices, and manufacturing systems using HTTPS and SOAP with TLS.
Apr 2019 Embedded Linux Device
User interface and middleware development for embedded systems using LAMP stack, jQuery, and C/C++. Enabled booting of the TriplePoint Embedded Linux distribtuion on x86 systems via USB, DVD, and PXE with the Syslinux and Grub2 bootloaders. Additional support was added to enable booting on legacy systems, MacBook/Apple x86, and Microsoft Surface devices in both BIOS and UEFI envirnoments. Incorporated the X Window System and Chromium software packages into the TriplePoint Embedded Linux distribution. Utilized an OverlayFS to allow for persistent storage with a SquashFS intird.
2016 - 2019 TriplePoint - Software Consultant Intern
Frontend and backend development for website using the LAMP stack, WordPress, jQuery, and JavaScript hosted on Google Cloud.

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