How to interpret the Win9x network registry

  1. The physical device entries are stored along with all other devices in:
    BUSTYPE == "ISAPNP", "PCMCIA", "PCI", or
    "Root" for legacy and non-hardware devices
    "Network" for network protocols and services
    DEVICEID uniquely identifies each device type on that bus
    The actual key name is unique to the vendor who provides the device
    NNNN enumerates each instance of that particular DEVICEID
    e.g. "0000" or "0001"
  2. Each of these device instance registry keys has a "Class" and "Driver" registry value
    "Class" == "Net", "NetTrans", "NetClient", or "NetService"
    "Driver" == CLASS\NNNN which points to the specific class instance for the device
    e.g. "Net\0001" or "NetTrans\0000"
  3. Under each device instance registry key, there is a "Bindings" registry key
    Within the "Bindings" key, there will be one key for each each upper edge binding
    e.g. "MSTCP\0000" or "NETBEUI\0001"
    This key points to the network device instance for that specific binding:
    e.g. "HKLM\Enum\Network\" + "MSTCP\0000"
    This key, in turn, may have its own "Bindings" key; just follow it up to the top of the stack.
  4. The logical device entries are stored according to device class in:
    "HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Class\" + CLASS\NNNN
    CLASS == "Net", "NetTrans", "NetClient", or "NetService"
    "Net" enumerates all the network cards
    "NetTrans" enumerates all the network protocols
    "NetClient" enumerates all the network clients
    "NetTrans" enumerates all the network services
    NNNN enumerates each instance of that particular CLASS
    e.g. "0000" or "0001"
    This is where all the NDIS configuration parameters are stored for the device.

If you remove all the network adapters, all the CLASS and DEVICEID keys should be empty. If they're not empty, delete all subkeys before trying to reinstall any network components.

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